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Amanda’s positive story of her medical abortion with Abortion pills

She is 18 years old college going girl. She fell in love with her college mate. He was also in her class and the things grew slowly between them. At first, it was sweet love, and then love began to convert into lust. His boyfriend insisted her to have a night with him. She wanted to be close to him but was afraid of pregnancy. He made her sure that both of them would enjoy intimacy but would not let her become pregnant. He would do it naturally by withdrawing penile before ejaculation. On the day of their intimacy, the fire of lust grew between them. Both enjoyed being physical with each other, during the mid of intimacy the connection was so deep that his boyfriend left his semen inside. They did not know about this. After few weeks, she observed some pregnancy symptoms, which was made sure with pregnancy test kit. What she was feared of in the beginning became true. This was the time to take a decision. Because if delayed then the pregnancy could not be concluded. She could not take the new responsibility as she was still under her parent’s responsibility. Everyone suggested using Abortion pills that will help in concluding pregnancy privately and safely. This medication is been used among many to terminate gestation. Abortion pill comes as brands like Cytotec, Mifegyne, RU-486, Korlym, Mifeprex, and MTP Kit.

All of those have Mifepristone, or Misoprostol or both components. Our blog will give to further detailed information regarding the Abortion pill function.

Let’s see how progesterone hormone works. This hormone is released in the body that helps in transferring oxygen and nutrition towards the fetus. Thus, the fetus can develop in the womb. Mifepristone taken causes a block in the working of Progesterone, which stops the fetus growth. Another drug named Misoprostol brings the contraction and dilation of the uterus, leading to the expulsion of the fetus. This leads to a termination.

Brands of Mifepristone (These are used in the gestation of less than 7 weeks): Mifegyne, RU-486, Korlym, and Mifeprex.

Brands of Misoprostol (These are used in gestation of less than 7 weeks): Cytotec

Brands of both Mifepristone and Misoprostol (These are used in gestation of less than 9 weeks): MTP Kit

Dose and Direction to Use

Misoprostol brands (Cytotec)

Women undergoing less than 7 weeks gestation should engulf 12 Tablets, each of 200-mcg strength. Use it in four-four-four dosing pattern. Maintain a time gap of 4-5 hours between any two dosages. After two days time, on the third day, do an examination to confirm your abortion.

Mifepristone brands (Mifegyne, RU-486, Korlym, and Mifeprex)

Women who want to abort her pregnancy of below seven weeks must engulf on the first day, three tablets of Mifepristone, each having 200 mg strength via orally. With two days time gap, one must confirm about her abortion. If abortion is not complete then she must engulf Misoprostol two tablets, each 200 mcg strength on the third day via orally or vaginally. Again after two days, do examinations in order to know whether abortion has taken place or not.

MTP Kit: Follow three steps in total: For below nine weeks gestation

First day: A woman should engulf one tablet, each of 200 mg Mifepristone with water via orally. Then keep waiting for two days.

Third day: A woman should engulf four tablets, each of 200 mcg strength Misoprostol with water via orally or through vaginally. Again completion of 14 days, days numbered from the first day of Mifepristone use.

14th day: Do examination so as to verify your abortion step.

Note the things you should contraindicate: A women must not do a termination when she is:

  • Suffering from any allergic reaction to its contents
  • Under Ectopic pregnancy
  • Suffering from adrenal gland problem or bleeding disorder porphyria
  • Having undiagnosed growth inside an abdomen
  • Ingesting anticoagulants or corticosteroids

One must remember some safety points and they should keep in mind

  • Before an abortion, remove IUD’s from your uterus.
  • Ingest healthy juices and diet to boost your immunity.
  • Alcohol and grapefruit juices should be ceased before and for some time after having an abortion.
  • If dizziness persists then do not do tough work.

Some ill effects that one may observe after an abortion with abortion pills are vaginal discomfort, weakness, heavy bleeding, tiredness, back pain, nausea, headache, stomach pain, and any allergic reaction.


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