For Secure Medical Abortion Use Mifepristone

Being a mother is a dream of every woman, but pregnancy is beneficial if it occurs at right age. It brings lots of responsibilities towards her child. Sometime there are various conditions due to which a woman does not want to be a mother like financial and marital issues. In this situation it is beneficial to terminate the unwanted pregnancy.

Mifepristone Pill is best pills used for Abortion. It is the realistic approach to get safer and painless abortion to terminate the unexpected pregnancy.

The decision about terminating the pregnancy is not the easy task for a lady; it affects the woman emotionally as well as physically. Unexpected pregnancy creates feeling of shock, skepticism, irritation, nervousness, unhappiness or desperation. After conceiving pregnancy, there is only method to terminate the pregnancy by abortion.

Abortion is simply defined as the miscarriage or termination of a pregnancy by any method, i.e. surgical or medical.

  • Surgical abortion: This method involves two types, i.e. surgical or suction abortion. This types of can be done very early in pregnancy, i.e. up to 22 weeks. This method takes 15 minutes to accomplish but, the whole visit takes 1 to 3 hours. This procedure is done by using various surgical instruments, pain and analgesic medications. Patient may need extra time to recover after surgery.
  • Medical abortion: This is an effective and unproblematic way to terminate your pregnancy of 9 weeks. This type of abortion can be done at home. The abortion is done by using various active ingredients and they are also known as abortion pills. This medication provides you 97 % result in terminating the pregnancy

Mifepristone Pills  is a choice of drug to induce the painless medical abortion for terminating the pregnancy. This drug gives 95 % efficiency, if it is taking within 50 days of pregnancy. But this drug also effectual in second trimester of pregnancy.

Category of Mifepristone: Synthetic steroid

Available dosage form of this drug: Oral tablet

Available dose form of this drug: 200 mg

Available brands of this drug: Korlym and RU486

This steroidal drug possesses two different effects, anti-progesterone (strong) and anti-glucocorticoid (weak). This drug shows its effectiveness by:

  • Binding to the progesterone receptor
  • Inhibiting progesterone to bind its receptor
  • Blocking the biological response of progesterone
  • Softening and dilating the cervix
  • Causing decidual necrosis
  • Changing the uterine lining
  • Increasing uterine contractions
  • Expelling the vaginal content

Indication of Mifepristone Pills

  • Terminating intrauterine pregnancy
  • Used to treat Cushing syndrome

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Who should not take Mifepristone Pills?

The use of this drug is contraindicated in patient with some medical issues like hypersensitivity to this drug, undiagnosed uterine mass, bleeding problems, hepatic and renal impairment.

Mifepristone pill also should not be used by nursing or breast feeding mother and patient having IUD.

Mifepristone pill should be cautiously used by patients having diabetes and hypertension problem.

This drug gets interact with some medicines and causes drug- drug interaction. This condition alters the therapeutic effect of active dosage form and develops harmful effects in patients. These medicines are anticoagulants (Warfarin), corticosteroids (Hydrocortisone), azole anti fungal drugs (Ketoconazole) and certain antiepileptic drugs (Phenobarbital).

How should you take Mifepristone Pills?

This oral tablet should be taken once in day. Three tablets of this drug (200 mg) should be taken as single dose, with water.

If this drug fails to show its therapeutic effect, then take another dose of Misoprostol on 3rd day of the Mifepristone dose.

Important information

  • This drug is not effective against ectopic pregnancy.
  • Remove IUD, if place, before using this drug.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking while taking this drug.
  • Avoid swimming after taking this drug.

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