Make What You Think Impossible To Possible Abortion with Mifeprex

Lucy hopes that she below abortion story puts someone’s mind at rest

Lucy had read a lot of abortion stories on the internet and she was terrified after reading all those horrible stories. This made her nights go sleepless. She was pregnant unwantedly and did not want to have a kid but after reading about horrible abortion experience, she was depressed.

Her appointment was on Friday. As she arrived, she was given a form to fill up. To her surprise, the room was all packed up with people. It looked like everyone has come for the same problem like her.

Her Ultrasound experience-

After waiting, she was called into the room. The nurse seemed to be polite and she told it was six weeks pregnancy. She gave her an STI test. Lucy went to the toilet and took a swab in the vagina area. She returned it to the nurse. She then did physical examination like a blood test, blood pressure, and checked weight and height.

Her Abortion method choice-

She then asked her which method Lucy would prefer. Lucy said that she is unable to take the decision due to the fear of pain. She explained her whole internet stories. Nurse pacified her and told her about the whole medical abortion procedure with Mifeprex. She made her understand that this is not painful and it is an easy way of termination. She was so good with her that she made her meet some patients who recently have undergone abortion with Mifeprex. After hearing their positive abortion stories, Lucy agreed and decided for an abortion.

Mifeprex Abortion Pills

Medical abortion conclusion-

The nurse gave her some tablets. Soon her pregnancy finally was expelled. She did not feel any pain and it was easy termination. The only thing she had to do was to take lots of juices and supplements to recover the losses.

Mifepristone a generic of Mifeprex works as anti-progesterone. Progesterone helps in maintaining pregnancy by supplying it with lots of nutrition. Mifeprex ought to competitively adhere with progesterone receptor and blocks its action thereby ceasing the supply towards fetus. This causes the death of the fetus. Misoprostol if given contracts uterus and expels out it from the uterus.

For expelling out the fetus, women ought to consume three tablets of Mifepristone with ample water via the oral route. Each tablet has dosing strength of 200 mg. After keeping a gap of two days, if abortion has not occurred then use two tablets of Misoprostol, each of dose 200 mcg via the oral or vaginal route. Keep two days interval and seek a doctor to confirm abortion.

A medical condition in which abortion is contraindicated:

  • Contraindicate it in ectopic pregnancy.
  • Under medical issues like bleeding disorder, cardiac disorder, hepatic problem, renal problem, and blood pressure disorder, do not have an abortion.

Safety tips to follow:

  • Remove your IUD’s before going for an abortion.
  • You need to take plenty of fresh fruit juices to recover the losses incurred.
  • A woman of less than 18 years should not go for an abortion.
  • Restrict sexual act for some time after having an abortion.
  • There are chances that you may feel dizzy so avoid harsh tasks.

Side effects with Mifeprex: Some common side effects some people may face after an abortion are a tiredness, headache, pain in the back, vaginal discharge, abdominal cramps, nausea, cramping, vaginal bleeding, vomiting, and shortness of breath, unusual discharge, and itching.

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