MTP kit- A Safe Solution to Conclude Undesired Pregnancy

Abortion is a process of deliberate ending of life of fetus or embryo. It is a dream of every woman to have babies and to enjoy the phase of motherhood, but due to various reasons she has to choose the option of abortion. To give birth to baby or not is an issue of personal freedom and due to advancement of science, we have technologies to control reproduction. It has imparted an advantage to women to have a control when they will give birth. It also provides a freedom to females over how many children she wants to have. This permits the birth of babies who are planned more likely to turn out better because they are wanted. The availability of various birth control methods has also helped in controlling the overcrowded population on our planet, as the increasing population is the biggest problem for 21st century.

One of the most preferred and powerful medication for abortion is MTP kit. It comprises of generic Mifepristone and Misoprostol as a crucial component. This kit helps you to conclude unwanted pregnancy in a pain free way.

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Procedure to use MTP kit

This kit comprises of one pill of generic Mifepristone and four pills of generic Misoprostol

Firstly, you should consume one pill of Mifepristone (200mg) along with sufficient quantity of water. This medicine is anti progesterone so, it blocks the progesterone hormone. This hormone is crucial for continuation of pregnancy as it prepares the uterus to receive fertilized egg. It also detaches the fetus from the uterus leading to the death of the fetus.

After a time span of 48-72 hours, you should administer four tablets of Misoprostol (200mcg) in a single dose, along with ample amount of water. This medicine contracts the uterus leading to the exclusion of the dead fetus/embryo along with blood clots.

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Diet to be consumed after abortion:

After undergoing through the process of abortion it is very important to consume a healthy and balanced diet for quick recovery.  Your body needs good amount of iron, vitamin, and calcium to avoid the chances of anemia and osteoporosis. You should also raise the intake of proteins in your diet as it is important for production of new blood cells and to increases the blood count. Consumption of fish helps you to get rid of weakness that you face after abortion. You should also consumed dairy products, diet rich in fibers, green vegetables, tomatoes and carrots.

Use of MTP kit may also lead to various side effects such as heavy vaginal bleeding, weakness, headache, dizziness, pain in the lower abdomen, diarrhea and  vomiting .

Safety tips to be followed while using MTP kit are:

  • If you are wearing IUD, then you should remove it before taking this medicine.
  • You should not use this kit in case of pregnancy outside the uterus.
  • If the pregnancy is of more than 63 days of gestation period, then you should not use this kit.
  • You should take proper rest after the abortion.
  • Avoid intimacy session for few days after the abortion as it may result in vaginal infection and the chances of getting pregnant increases after the abortion.
  • You should avoid doing physical exercise and avoid lifting of heavy objects after abortion as it may cause pain in the lower pelvic region.

Where to buy MTP kit?

 This kit is easily available in the local market and also on online sites like TheMifepristonePills. The advantage of buying this kit from online site is that you just have to place an order with a single click and the product will be delivered at your home, which helps to maintain privacy.

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