How To Conclude The Risk Of Unwilling Pregnancy?

MTP Kit combination pack of two medications, Mifepristone and Misoprostol, is a FDA approved alternative for safely conclusion of unintended pregnancy. Therefore these combination pills are safely consumed to end pregnancy up to the first 9 weeks (or 63 days) of pregnancy from the beginning of your last menstrual period. A non-surgical abortion (medical abortion) is carried out by this pill i.e. Mifepristone and Misoprostol. These medications has been proved to be highly effective and revealed relatively high success result for ending of an uninvited pregnancy.

Medical abortion is a practice that uses various drugs to end a pregnancy. Often, there are some misconception in people’s minds about this process which is completely due to inadequate information about the medical process and its practice technique. Medical Abortion is a 100% FDA approved method and is establish to a safe and effective procedure completely when done in a proper able way.

Medical abortion is carried out by MTP Kit combination pack of Mifepristone and Misoprostol to end pregnancy of nine weeks. Medical abortion doesn’t involve any anesthesia but it should be bring out in early pregnancy. A medical process generally is done without entering the uterus. This method provides safe execution of pregnancy and maintains privacy. It can be carried out at the comfort zone of one’s own home.

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Mifepristone is the chief medication that needs to be taken as the initial user. A woman involves consumption of the tablet at the starting. Women can build essential preparations and make utmost use of the drug as it gives privacy factor

Mifepristone Pill acts by blocking the action of the hormone progesterone (necessary for continuing the pregnancy), which causing the lining of the uterus to thin and stopping the fetus from attaching implanted and developing.

Misoprostol is works by leading contraction to the womb and forcing out the fetus through the vagina, thus completely ending the pregnancy.

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How to consume Abortion pills?

On Day 1: You should take one tablet of Mifepristone of 200mg consumed orally at once with a glass of water. It should be taken with empty stomach.

On Day 3: Consumed four tablets of Misoprostol of 200mcg each once at a time which taken by oral route or vaginally. You should put these 4 tablets under the tongue and consumed melted content after half an hour.

*Note: On Day 14 (after 2 weeks of the tablet consumption): The patient must ensure to verify that a complete ending of pregnancy has occurred. If not, one can ask a doctor.

The medicines used in a medical abortion lead to vaginal bleeding, abdominal cramping, fever, nausea, tiredness, diarrhea, back pain, drowsiness, dizziness, vomiting, chills, headache etc. These side effects go away after sometimes.

Precautionary measures and safety tips:

  • This pack should not be used in those females who are suffering from blood disorder like anemia and leukemia.
  • Do not use this combination pack in those females who are using intrauterine devices or remove it before using this pack.
  • Take proper rest after the termination of pregnancy process. A woman should not perform any hard task which leads the pressure on stomach.
  • A woman should take proper diet after completing the medical process.
  • Do not consume dairy products in liquid or in solid form.
  • Use protective contraceptives for the avoidance of the pregnancy.
  • Do not perform lovemaking act for few days after the abortion process.

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