MTP Kit – Most Superior and Classic way to Abort Pregnancy

Woman all over the world undergo abortion every year and its number is increasing rapidly. It can be done using two ways- Surgical Abortion and Medical Abortion. Surgical abortion is performed when the pregnancy is more than 7 weeks old and/or ectopic. It involves use of surgical tools and anesthesia. Use MTP Kit to conclude less than 9 weeks of unborn baby without any difficulty at home.

Medical Abortion is the most popular and effective way to end pregnancy. It is done using abortion pills when the pregnancy is less than 7 weeks old. It is a non invasive method and is preferred when the pregnancy is Intrauterine.

There can be many reasons behind abortion such as a woman is not ready mentally prepared to become a mother yet; insufficient financial resources; the job or education of a woman is at risk; the chances are high that she will be a single mother; rape cases; risk to the well being of the mother or the unborn baby; risk to the well-being of the existing family; etc.

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How MTP Kit Works to Eliminate Unplanned Pregnancy ?

Abortion is defined as a procedure to end an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy so that the birth of the fetus does not take place. Medical Termination of pregnancy can be done using MTP Kit that is a pack of 1 pill of Mifepristone (200mg) and 4 pills of Misoprostol (200mcg each).

Mifepristone functions by altering the lining of womb and detachment of the fetus. This results in the death of the fetus as it is not able to get nutrition anymore.

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MTP KIT used to eliminate the unplanned pregnancy in female without let her facing any difficulty

The choice to end the pregnancy must remain with woman as they know better what is best for them and the unborn baby. Mifepristone functions against progesterone hormone that is responsible for the continuation of pregnancy. Misoprostol acts by inducing contraction in the womb of the mother.

This results in the ejection of the dead fetal tissue. Take an ultrasound before using MTP Kit as it is very important to know the type (ectopic and intrauterine) and duration (gestation period). After 48 days, take 4 pills of Misoprostol (200mcg each) as a single dose. You can take Misoprostol Pills either by means of Vaginal or Oral route.

After 14 days, take an ultrasound to confirm the status of your pregnancy. Adverse effects of MTP Kit are pain and infection the pelvic region, digestive discomfort, nausea, lethargy, vaginal blood loss with presence of small or large blood clots, etc.

Only the Mifepristone pill can also terminate unwilling pregnancy in female & it is very risk-free to abort pregnancy with Mifepristone abortion pill. So, women can also buy Mifepristone Mifeprex abortion pills online at best price to make abortion secured & safe.

The precautions of MTP Kit are mentioned below:

  • Remove Intrauterine Device (IUD), if using any.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages during medical abortion as it can cause harmful indications.
  • It is very important for a woman to take care of herself after abortion as her body needs to heal. Avoid intercourse for some time.
  • If you are hypersensitive to ingredients of MTP Kit such as Misoprostol and/or Mifepristone, then do not use of this medication.


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