MTP KIT painless approach to cease women unwished Pregnancy

Daisy young women of 22 go through the stress of unwanted pregnancy and execute out abortion with MTP KIT to discard her unwanted pregnancy.  Daisy gets indulged in intimacy act with her partner without any protection and was worried about pregnancy as intimacy act happens at the time of ovulation, the risky stage where chances of pregnancy are 95%. To avoid any risk of pregnancy, she rushed to the washroom to pee out after intimacy; she also used to consume a lot of dry fruits and coffee as she had read somewhere that by doing all this immediately after Intimacy avoids the pregnancy.

However, all these seem to be failed in her case and news of unwanted pregnancy comes in her way with news of missing periods. First, she did not believe on a home pregnancy test and rush to the doctor for Sonography. The Sonography confirms her pregnancy and even reveals the pregnancy duration of 4 weeks.

She immediately takes the decision of abortion and asked doctor for medical abortion.

The doctor preferred the MTP KIT Misoprostol Mifepristone to conclude Daisy unwanted pregnancy as it gives the promise of 98% of success rate.

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On the first day or as a first step doctor give her one tablet of Mifepristone 200mg to take orally with an enormous amount of water. The doctor told her that Mifepristone blocks the progesterone hormone essential for the pregnancy and make the baby softer so that it can be discarded easily from the womb. She also explains her that might be she experienced light bleeding after drug intake, and its normal so does not get panic.

As a second step doctor give her 4 tablets of Misoprostol and told her to take it either by oral route or vaginal route at home after 48 hours. Misoprostol being Prostaglandin makes women uterus to contract and expel out the baby in the form of cramps or vaginal bleeding that lasts for 6-7 days and fade away within 14 days. Therefore, women have to take complete bed rest after intake of Misoprostol for 24 hours, as bleeding would be heavier than the normal periods.

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Although, MTP KIT may cause some unwanted effects of breast tenderness or swelling, body pain, headache, stomach pain or cramps, irregular vaginal bleeding, vomiting, stomach upset, and spotting.

Therefore, women must have to take proper rest for 2 days and should have to avoid driving immediately after an abortion.

  • Consume healthy and less fatty food while abortion process to avoid indigestion. If you have, ectopic kind of pregnancy then does not execute abortion with MTP KIT.
  • Do not place any IUD device while abortion.
  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol, and grapefruit juices while abortion.
  • Do not perform gym workout, weight lifting and swimming like activities.
  • Do not make any contact with a partner while abortion process.

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