MTP Kit – Superb Option to Elude Early Pregnancy

What if you have turned pregnant and you don’t want to continue this pregnancy right now?

This thing bothers every being because pregnancy is a new phase for both the couple and the fetus. This brings a lot of change in a female’s life physically, emotionally and practically.  The hormone change alters her body, turning her into a top that has to revolve around the family and kid, as it becomes her responsibility and thus ties her up.

An early pregnancy could have been avoided…. but then there is the option of a medical abortion.

MTP KIT this solves your problem in the safest way in very silent manner. This helps you achieve abortion with help of hormone drugs that conclude the fetus abortion in a natural way of miscarriage legally.

So, what is this early pregnancy? And answer is early pregnancy is nothing but first trimester or the first three months, or up to 14-16 weeks.

Pregnancy is achieved after copulation and the mating of male sperm and female egg leading to implantation of baby in the woman’s womb leading to the following bodily changes:

  • Sinus headache, flabby tummy and swollen feet
  • Making you stave off sleep and thus go into exhaustion.

This abortion medication brings you various advantages over the classical options available in the market. As this MTP kit’s name indicates, it is a combination kit that contains two different core medicaments, that increase the efficacy of the drug so that it meets it target i.e. complete abortion.

Other effective abortion pills that are used to terminate unplanned pregnancy other than mtp kit are like mifepristone pills, cytotec tablets 200 mcg, ru486 mifepristone pill & mifeprex.

MTP Kit online fast shipping

MTP Kit has two main active drugs which are a powerful ammunition against the unwanted pregnancy, which are as followed:

  • 1 tablet of 200mg Mifepristone
  • 4 tablets of 200mcg Misoprostol

How these drugs help you?

Mifepristone: Cuts down the level of Progesterone “natural female hormone”. The drug Induces shredding of endometrial lining, or uterus lining, makes it impossible to carry forward the pregnancy.

Misoprostol: anti progestin bring softening of cervix and powerful contraction that bleeds out the fetus.

The drug is effective if you are using this medicament before 9 weeks of gestation. If pregnancy goes beyond the time frame of 63 day or beyond then taking MTP is futile. Then one has to go for surgical approach.

You may use the MTP kit in following way:

  • Day 1: Take one tablet orally of 200mg of Mifepristone along with water orally on an empty stomach.
  • Day 3: Take 4 tablets of Misoprostol taken via both oral empty stomach or via vaginal route along with a few drops of saline water.

After a couple of week one should visit the doctor to check for the safe and effective medical termination.

Warning while using MTP

  • Individual susceptible to the drug constituents should not take the drug.
  • If female has bleeding disorder then she must not take the drug. Even Aspirin should be avoided while in this therapy.
  • Females should not have these medication if she is above35 or below 18.
  • Females with smoking and alcohol addiction should not take MTP kit.

After medication one should take care of the female as she has just gone through increased bleeding induced due to medication. One should administer good diet to make up for the loss of blood and avoid workout that puts strain over you.

 Women can order MTP Kit online from your trustworthy site as the online facility provides you the medicament at cheap price and serves you the medication at your door step.

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