RU486 Thunders Away the Black Out of Unwanted Pregnancy

Life is shooting fast and you get derailed with your track due to unplanned activities and unwanted pregnancy is such a stop point that turns you shunted. Unwanted pregnancy is condition, which may drop your face down to pity at your own condition, what makes you lamentable and feel afflictive? It’s your life and your own goals are set and achievement to approach, but baby bearing is quite tough job as you have to set your priorities after thinking for young ones at first. The “Baby” who is going to your entity would mean a lot more than anything in the world, setting you a load of targets to fulfill if you’ve programmed for getting baby.

But, if not then decide right away although Yes¸ going unplanned way and concealing your pregnancy is not a solution to your problem. If you’ve turned pregnant and you are still not ready to bear the load of pregnancy and parenthood turned unfit to continue the pregnancy.

There are number of measures are available to you,

  • Medical abortion medication, are provided to you, if you’re bearing fetus not more than 63 days.
  • Surgical methods too are provided. Abortion is solution to you available to you if your gestation is more than 20 weeks then you are provided with Invasive therapy to discontinue pregnancy and the unborn baby.


RU486 Pill


Every measure has its own advantage or USP.

If you’re thinking of Medical abortion via help of surgical method then I think you should be having lots of penny to spend as you should be prepared for the medical bills. Surgical practice would be done by the medical professional and bed charges/facility you avail will cost you heap money to make over the bills. You can surpass everything if you’ve not gone beyond 49 days of gestation.

You can go for this eminent brand also known as “French abortion pill” or “RU 486” which is a solid tablet preparation that helps you in achieving safe abortion with help of the tablets or medication.


What confirms that you have turned pregnant? If you experience missing your regular period this could be the simple indication of your pregnancy which can be checked with HCG test strips to affirm the state of pregnancy and other physiological changes like body fatigue with decreased appetite and nausea with vomiting like body signs will assure its confirmation.

If you have make up your mind as this is nobody’s but female’s consent to accept the decision to go for abortion. Then ru486 mifepristone pill is best choice for you as this contains generic Mifepristone, served in tablet formulation, where each pack contains 3 tablet formulation having 200mg of Mifepristone in tablet.


Coming to the posology of RU486 (200mg), where 3 tablets should be taken as unit dose. RU486 is taken orally with help of plain water the medication. You can follow up after two day of medication for assurance of complete abortion. In case of incomplete abortion, take 2 pills of Misoprostol (200mcg) via oral route and then after 14 days, visit to the nearby hospital for the confirmation of complete abortion via ultrasonography.

RU486 may bring certain ill effects like body pain and fever with heavy bleeding and lower body pain and cramping.

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