Unleash your Unwanted Fetus from Womb with MTP kit

If your are planning to lose your unplanned pregnancy, and looking for an option available in the market then put a full stop for your search and no more wandering around for the measure for medical termination, as you are now provided with an ease solution served under brand name of “MTP kit“.

You must be asking what this “MTP kit” is. MTP is product of Cipla LTD. A renowned brand indicated for the medical termination for 49 day of gestation.

MTP acts similar as anti- hormones drug that help in promoting abortion with help of synthetically prepared hormone called Mifepristone and Misoprostol in a combo pack containing 5 tablets. The drug is served in oral tablet formulation.

If the female has make up his mind about debark the fetus from the mother womb then it’s a good decision to go for an abortion along MTP kit as the female feel shy or reluctant to face medical professionals for such medical conditions. The drug helps in conducting abortion at habitat and comfortably. The drug imparts you painless abortion option and non invasive procedure and anesthesia.


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Now, how the drugs helps you in achieving abortion safely

According to study MTP pill has 96% -99% of accuracy in safe abortion, the drugs acts in following way:

The KIT of MTP contains 5 tablets in combo market pack in following way:

  •  1 tablet of Mifepristone containing 200mg of drug,
  • 4 tablets containing 200mcg of Misoprostol.

 The drug Mifepristone is an anti- progestin drug that stops the natural activity of progesterone hormone that promotes and prepares woman body to bear and carryon the fetus in womb, progesterone is also called “pregnancy hormone”. The drug inhibits the release of (progesterone) hormone and this will cut endometrial lining and nutrient supply effectively.

 Coming to Misoprostol drug, which is a prostaglandin analogue, the drug promotes the contraction of uterine inner lining this will lead to expulsion of dead embryo along heavy bleeding from the mother’s womb.

 How to administer the medication (MTP pill)?

 The medication should be taken orally; on day first one should take the drug Mifepristone, 200mg tablet taken orally along water. After gap of one day on day three one should administer 4 tablets of 200mcg of Misoprostol

 After administering a woman should experience vaginal bleeding that might commence in 4 hour to 48 hours.

After 14 day of administration of MTP kit you should visit the doctor for affirming the complete abortion. Along with this a woman may also face some common side effects like stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal tenderness and fever.

 Important information about MTP drug

 If female is bearing ectopic pregnancy, then consumption of this MTP kit should be avoided.

If patient is allergic to the drug, or the ingredient of the MTP kit the individual must not administer the medicament.

Female who has implanted IUD, should remove the implant before using MTP kit as the drug will induce bleeding and increase the risk of vaginal infection. One should not consume the MTP kit along antifungal drugs or blood coagulant drugs like Warfarin.

Patient should take care of her health by taking proper rest and nutrition as the drug bring blood loss to her in form of uterine bleeding.

 Where you can buy MTP pills?

 Buy mtp kit online pharmacy stores to get legitimate product at levelheaded cost with fastest shipping service. This can also help you to maintain your identity and abortion confidential.

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